Saturday, August 13, 2005

Up and Away

Well I'm sitting here eating my 'oh so healthy' porage and waiting for Sue to arrive. I have to tell ya that I DID actually get going on the clear up last night and I now have an amazingly tidy and organized living room. Oh it still doesn't look like a normal person's living room would being much too eccentric for that. And by the way I was talking to my daughter last night and she said in passing that one of her friends thought I seemed 'quite eccentric'! Moi? Eccentric? Well I wouldn't have said so! And I hadn't even been talking to this person, only briefly introduced to her so I must be amazingly eccentric to come over like that in a mere introduction. Now am I going to get a complex about it? NO WAY! More likely to trade on it! LOL Anyway back to the clear up. I have managed to gain quite a lot of floor space and throw out lots of junk. I bet Martin got a shock last night when he came in at around 4! Haven't seen him yet this morning as he is still sleeping so have yet to hear his comments! When we were first married 39 years is it THAT long! doesn't time fly when you are having fun....but I digress; when we were first married I would periodically change the furniture around always searching for a better solution to give me more space and the poor sweetie would stagger in late at night after checking on the cows (we were farming then) only to find that the bed wasn't in its usual place! He never put the light on as he was and is such a considerate person so always had to feel his way around until he found it! LOL Anyway enough of that! I'm off to look at quilts and shop! I'm taking my camera and will take lots of photos. Well until the battery gives up as I forgot to charge it up last night. Silly me! And guess what! Its RAINING! How dare it. I'm praying that it will get it all over with today and give me a nice sunny day tomorrow! Please!


  1. Lucky you! I've always wanted to be recognized as being eccentric. I work very hard at it, but the best I've been called is "weird". ;-)

  2. Several years ago, I told my sons that I couldn't wait to get old enough to be unison they all replied, "Wait!" Implication their mom was, always has cheers to all of us eccentric creative types.