Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Somnolent and Replete

It is the end of a long day. I got up early so I could potter in the garden before it got too hot. I love the early mornings. They are so fresh and clean. However I'm not a natural early morning person preferring the night hours and I have to really drag myself out of bed but I'm always glad I've done it. After such a good start the rest of the day went down hill rapidly. A quick visit to town left me hot and frazzled and I didn't have enough time left to achieve anything except tidy some papers. I spent what seemed like hours on the phone dealing with a recalcitrant direct debit. If I go to all the trouble of setting up a direct debit I expect the debitee or debitor (are they words?) to actually collect their money! And I don't expect to have to talk to someone in India about it who hasn't a clue what you are talking about! It was a relief to go to work especially as I had my car back and could drive there. The walk is good but if I walk I can't take the post at the end of the day and taking the post earns me ten minutes off my allotted span. So taking the car is better! I can walk down to the beach in the mornings and even have a swim! Don't worry if I do ever get to having a swim I'll be telling you. I'll be telling the whole world it will be so amazing! LOL
And then the day improved tenfold as Martin did a bar-b-que and I just had to sit and look fetching. And after a glass of a very nice red wine on an empty stomach my cares just rolled away. There was only one glass left so I mellowed nicely without going to sleep. I don't really like red but this was delicious.
I worked out a menu for the weekend so I do feel I am organised. Now I just have to cook and clean. Tomorrow though I am going to blitz my wardrobe. This is part of the plan and is written down on the list of things to do. I have taken before pictures and I hope the after pictures will show a neat and tidy wardrobe with everything easy to get at and all colour co-ordinated! LOL While taking the pictures I came across these gorgeous shoes. Take a look. Isn't the colour mad! I adore purple almost as much as pink. I wonder when I last wore these! Look at the height of that heel! It will be quite exciting to see what I will find tomorrow buried in the back of the wardrobe and I also have two cases on top of the wardrobe full of clothes! Can't wait to get at it! I need to take control of my life again and have a plan. Stick to the diet and get rid of the clutter. Oh I have such good intentions but you know what they say..... the road to hell is paved with good intentions! I think I have reached a cross roads in my life and I need to work out which road I'm actually going to follow from now on. The clearing out tomorrow will be cathartic and a good start for some soul searching and decision making. Well I used the spell checker facility and it was useless. I'm too lazy to get the dictionary so I apologise for any spelling mistakes.

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