Saturday, August 06, 2005

So exciting

I have had a wonderful afternoon and evening dyeing. I just got carried away and the quite awesome results have made me quite dizzy with delight. I tried a new method of actually getting the dye onto the fabric. Very messy but the results are worth it. The last batch is in the washing machine now and I'm waiting with bated breath to see how they turn out. Sometimes dyed fabric can look great after the cold rinse out but then after a hot wash and several more rinses can not be quite as exciting! Here are some pictures of the fabric curing. They are all 20 x 40 pieces because my table isn't that big and I didn't want to have to fold them to stop them dripping over the end. These arn't done by the new method. That came later when I was playing with the left over bits of dye. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of what the pieces looked like when they have been washed and ironed! Some I scrumpled like this and some I did flat. I have a kitchen/diner and I use the dining room table to dye on. I cover it with a plastic sheet and then have an acrylic board that I place on top! It works! If you live in a minute house as I do then one has to make the best of the facilities that one has. Fortunately for me my husband works on Friday and Saturday nights so I can have the house to myself. Makes all the difference. Well the washing machine has finished. Now for the moment of truth.

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