Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lazy Day!

I'm having a lazy day. Got up early and tidied up the workroom so that when I go in there again I'll be able to start on something immediately. This is important or else I'll fiddle about and never get going on anything. In tidying up I found two floor cushions which are partly started and which I could use now! So this afternoon I might be able to get stuck in and achieve something miraculous. But I also need to start the accounts so a bit of a conflict of interests there. However at the moment I am just waiting for Mum to come up for coffee and took the opportunity to write in the blog. I always feel I should start off 'Dear Diary......' as there is a very Edwardian feel to writing down one's thoughts in this way. This morning I went into Falmouth which was heaving with people. This time of the year there are always large numbers of tourists around and on the whole I avoid the town like the plague in August but I needed some things before going away. And Sue drove us in in her dinky little silver sports car so I didn't have to worry about parking....she did! :-) I bought several books in various Charity shops including Day of the Triffids by John Wyndom which I thought I might read again. This is such a creepy book but I enjoyed it in the 60's so hopefully I'll enjoy it again. It has always been my policy to take lots of books away with me on long car journeys just in case we either break down or get stuck in traffic jams. If I've got a book to read I don't get either panicky or bored! :-)

It is a glorious hot sunny day so it will be hard to incarcerate myself in my workroom but it has to be done at least for an hour or two. Sitting having lunch with Martin in the garden I got some good ideas for projects. I have decided that the ideas I have been sketching out would be good done in miniature as postcards first, to see how they look and if I'm happy with them then I can enlarge and make into a bigger piece of work. This will kill two birds with one stone! I am really looking forward to seeing different scenery in Scotland and getting more ideas. I shall take the sketch book with me plus a tube of glue for sticking things into it. My sketch books arn't just about sketching but also about found objects and inspiring things.

I'm not going to do any dyeing this weekend as it would be a rush to get it done, dried and ironed in the time available. And also I will want and need to do some when I return, if only so I can use my new steam press which should have arrived by then. If it hasn't I'll want to know why! I did overdye some pieces that I wasn't too keen on and they are amazing. Its always interesting to see how certain colours come through and just light up a piece. I must sort out those I want to keep or they will be gone! Off to sit and chat! For a while!

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  1. Glad you found my blog, 'cause then I found yours. I love the PVA experiments and your sketchbook. Try PVA glue on a screen if you haven't done so.