Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Fun Day!

Well today has gone all too quickly. This blog is about family and friends and doesn't include any quilty or sewing bits so all of you who arn't interested in my family life now is the time to turn off. Tomorrow I'll be back to the sewing! Big Time!

My French friends, Odile and Jeff plus their three children, Charlene, William and Cedric, came over to stay at Padstow for a holiday and it was planned that we would meet up as I haven't seen Odile in two years since I was teaching at La Bourboule. So I invited them to lunch and also invited my friend Sue and her husband Matt plus Sue's daughter Ellie who is only a year older than Charlene. I hadn't realised that Ellie had a weekend job at M & S (saving up for College) and so she arrived late and didn't get to go swimming at the beach with the others. She had to make up for lost time with the food as well. I have known Odile forever or so it seems. When she was 19 she came to stay with us on the farm and looked after my two children for me. They can only have been about 5 and 6 then and as they are now 35 and 34 respectively that is some time ago. We kept in touch and although we didn't meet up that often it has always been exceptionally easy to pick up the thread and carry on where we left off. Another common ground is that they drive an old Renault Espace as does my husband. I think there is a competition to see who can do the most miles but Martin is easily winning as he has clocked well over 3/4 of a million! lol
It was a great day and miracle of miracles the sun shone and it was sheltered in the garden so we didn't even get the wind. It did cloud over but by then we were all full of food and drink and quite replete so we didn't mind. It was a laugh a minute and it was great that Matt and Sue got on so well with them. Odile and Jeff speak excellent English so I didn't have to muster up any French except when speaking to the younger children. Charlene's English is also good! AND Matt didn't fall asleep! It is a joke that whenever Matt comes over here he will fall asleep after a meal and a glass of wine. I don't think anything of it as he works really long hours and is just tired. We laugh about it and pull his leg! So it was amazing that he stayed awake all afternoon. Martin and Jeff took the kids to the beach where they went swimming which gave Sue, Odile and me time for a natter without any interruptions. Odile was anxious to see my workrooms so I took this opportunity to show her stuff. It was incredible that I could drag her away! {g} Well all good things come to an end and all too soon they had to leave. The food didn't run out and there was constant grazing all afternoon. It is so long since I did any special cooking that I was worried I'd forget what to do but it worked out OK. Odile suggested that next year we should go and visit them in France and she actually got Martin to say yes! This will be a first as getting Martin anywhere is a miracle. Let's get to Scotland first before we make plans for abroad! I've already had two late nights cleaning and cooking so I must make it an early night tonight. I've done enough cleaning to last me now for a month or two or perhaps even three! {g}

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