Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday! Monday!

I am feeling quite excited as I have gone from never having made a fabric art post card to suddenly being involved with several swaps. Fortunately the time scale is such that I have time to create something worthy of swapping. I feel a series coming on; or several series come to that. The first thing I did this morning when tidying up my workroom was to cut out lots of post card sized pieces of pelmet Vilene. And I used the little oddments to cut out ATC's as I might even make a few of those too. As they are so small (3.5x2.5) they will be a real challenge. I have worked out the basic method that I enjoy working with and now I shall sketch out some ideas. The fishy one is something that I will run with as there is so much that one can do on these lines and I do live by the sea so it is topical. I'm really excited about swapping with Lisa and Francis. Their work is very different to mine so it will be exhilarating to see it in the flesh. And I like seeing other people's work anyway. I have posted myself a postcard to see if it will travel through the post OK. In the end I fused a sticky paper label to my tafetta back and this not only made it easy to write the address on but also was somewhere to stick the stamp. I could cut out exact fit pieces of paper and fuse them on and then they would also have room for the 'having a lovely time, wish you here, love Mabel' messages. Why have I not been doing this for years?

After tidying up I continued with the ironing of the ribbon. Why is it that ironing ribbon takes me days to do when I could iron a dozen shirts in a tenth of the time. It is looking lovely and slowly but surely the pile of scrumpled ribbon is getting less. The threads are great and the difference in the colours of the different types of fibre is lovely. These came from only six dye pots. The dark and mid blue skeins were still wet so they didn't get included in the photo!

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  1. Valeri what a lovely rainbow of colours, very moreish, FrancEs