Friday, August 19, 2005

Trying Too Hard!

I got up early and ate my porage on the patio in the weak sunshine. Actually the back of the house faces south so in the early morning the sun is shining on the back of the garden and not on the patio but it is nice out there at there before the world is about. So far so good. Did all the things I have to do and then I started on the last block and of course I rushed it trying to get it done. Disaster, total disaster! There were lots of set in pieces and they would have been fine if I'd got the diamonds the right way round. Much too hasty. Sew in haste, repent at leisure. So in the end I threw my hands in the air and gave up. I don't know why I'm sharing this with the world; obviously I'm a masochist! Anyway I found a similar pattern and cut that out and I will take all weekend over it if necessary! This isn't my kind of patchwork. I'm more into applique and weird shapes and since starting the blogging lark I've come to think that fusing is the way to go in the 21st century! So a good morning gone bad!

I'm very excited about getting my steam press. So far I haven't heard anything from the seller so I hope it is all OK. I'm sure it is! I'll be able to have a real mammoth dyeing session when I get back from Scotland. Just for the joy of pressing it all! :-)

Well I'm going to play hookey tonight and do nothing.....well not exactly nothing, but I'm going to sit and drink a glass of white and watch a DVD. I've got Coming to America and as I've never seen it am looking forward to watching it. I joined the Amazon rent a DVD club and it is good. For £8 a month I get 4 DVD's which works out at one a week which is all I have time for watching. The hardest part is choosing what to have sent. They send the DVD's and then when finished with them I just put them in the post box and that's it. No postage to pay! So for now nothing much is happening. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!

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