Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Well I've done the tumbling block. Ironed a goodly part of the ribbon. Made 1.5 postcards. I've even been down to the post and posted one to my daughter Caroline. Had to go to the post office as I am getting a certificate of posting with each one while I do these test posts! This is the one I sent Caro. We were talking about them and she said she liked butterflies so I did a butterfly one. The orange hand-dyed fabric had interesting colourations in it that reminded me of butterflies so I used a piece.

My mum didn't come for coffee as she had someone with her so that gave me more time. I shall see her tonight.

And now I'm off to work. I shall take the book with me! Evil grin!

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  1. Thanks for showing a scan of butterfly postcard Valeri ( being a newbie lol..I had no clue what they looked like)my mind was well puzzled!! This card is a beauty.