Friday, August 12, 2005


Well I have found a home for my postcards. I am going to send them to Houston. This is such a good idea! I'm glad that other people asked questions related to the sending of them or I would have stuck them all into an envelope and sent them off! I just hope I have some baggies of the right size to stick them in. I can see a hunting session coming up! I have one more to finish and I think I'll have ten. I have to send these away as I am doing a whole new batch for Lisa's swap which won't have been seen before. I do like making postcards as they are so much fun and don't take up too much time and at the end of the day one has a sense of having achieved something. What more could one ask? Whether I can post a picture of the latest postcard is another matter. The camera is fine but the Flash path which takes the pictures from the camera to the computer (bit like a floppy disk) is low on battery. The USB cord never seems to work when I want it to so it will be a bit hit and miss. I forgot to get a battery today as I was so wrapped up in getting food for the mega feast on Sunday. My fridge is straining at the seams so I am trying to eat up things that arn't relevant to the feast! I'm just hoping for a sunny day so that people can wander outside. The house is so small that having ten people in it will make it seem like the Black Hole of Calcutta! And I have to CLEAN! Agggggggh! Tonight I am going to blitz the living room. I am actually going to tackle the derelict area behind the door where I store my dyeing and felt making stuffs. The dyes have a cupboard to themselves in the kitchen but the pots and containers for mixing them are stored in a baby bath which I use for making paper, behind the door on a table. Under the table are more bits of junk. My dyeing stuff is very much run on Heath Robinson lines but it works so hey what's the problem! I just need an elastic house that I could stretch out to at least double its size. I'd better start doing something or it will be time for bed and nothing of note done!

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  1. An elastic house-- now, there's an idea! I'll be the second to sign up for one-- you can be first.