Sunday, August 21, 2005

The things I do!

I am a very accommodating woman! I have just had a b-b-q in the rain because my husband is a b-b-q fanatic. It started off damp and overcast so I thought OK we'll humour the guy! I put a thick cardigan on and socks! I was totally protected from the weather. And then it began to rain so my dearest one put up the sunshade! This was now beginning to be a bit farcical and reminded me of days in my childhood when we ate on the beach come rain or come shine with towels draped over the beach hut doors to keep the rain out! My grandmother was an outdoor fanatic and nothing would keep her indoors if it was at all possible to be outside. We children found it most exciting to have an ordinary tea round the table with real china. In fact I have one of those old china plates to this day and whenever I use it I am reminded of the teatimes at Grannie's. We would even take our breakfast down to the beach and eat our Cornflakes in lonely splendour with the sun rising up over the sea. Anyway I digress. By the time the meat was cooked it was absolutly pouring down and intrepid man had to admit defeat and we retired to the house. By which time I was slightly on the sozzled side having consumed a few rum and coconut's to keep the cold at bay. These are known in our house as 'coco pops' and are really delicious. A Jamaican friend introduced us to this drink and we haven't looked back. Grin! So we ate our icecream inside and watched the b-b-q through the glass!

Picture taken in the rain which made it all a bit fuzzy!

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  1. Coco pops...yum...with all the rain probably felt like monsoon season in the tropics. Only brave souls bbq in the rain but better than the 102 F. it was here yesterday and predicted for today.