Friday, August 05, 2005

Oh Happy Day!

Well as of 11.09 this morning I am now a granny again. This time to a little boy who weighed in at 8lbs 5ozs but as yet has no name. So I am delighted. A brother for Fenella. I wonder what she'll think about that. Its a shame they live 300 miles away. So I'm off to bake a cake and make a celebratory postcard!

To answer Frances's query about my edgings. Frances I haven't a clue what edgings should look like. I thought they had to be absolutely perfect. I'm glad if that isn't so as I can be more relaxed about the whole thing. And I shall be delighted with whatever I receive because I won't have crafted it! A bit like going out for a meal! (grin)


  1. Congratulations Valeri on your new grandson, hope you maybe able go visit soon?
    Wow those postcards are real eyecandy..I think you are far too hard/critical on yourself sometimes. The berry one was a bit as my daughter would say ''spotty'' lol! Angelina ones and sun have to take very top place indeed. everything just ''flows'' perfectely together.

    So you think your craft room messy lol? Oh heck mine looks like that most days....

  2. congratulations to you and your fammily on the birth of your grandson, hope you get to visit soon,

    I agree with Pam you sound like you are critical of yourself and perhaps worry too much, relax, it's fun :o)

  3. Congratulations on having another person to love in your family.

    The postcards in the previous post - particularly the last one are great.I like the texture in the last two.

  4. how wonderful!!! congratulations!! there is nothing better that a baby.....too bad you eventually have to teach them how to drive!! ha ha what is his name?? Ginger

  5. Congratulations Fellow Granny! I'm up to 7 now and they tell that's it, but just in case, for the photo wall, I bought 8 identical frame. You never know when your kids might surprise you. Love the dye work you're doing, but can't seem to find how you got the look on the brown/orange on. I see "folks dancinig" on there Val!