Thursday, August 04, 2005

Play Time!

I allowed myself to play this morning and achieved four postcards. I had such fun. I haven't worried about developing a style but just did what I fancied. I'm still not happy with the edges. I tried a turn and fuse one but got it all wrong. I could have kicked myself because this is how I do my journal edges with hand made paper. I think the brain was having an off moment because of all the free thinking I was making it do. So I think I'll have another go at this as I feel it is the way to go. Had great fun playing with the Angelina but realised that it isn't going to show up on the web; neither is the gold and silver thread I used which is a pity as it does add to the pieces. While at work I sketched out loads of ideas which I will run with later on. I'm beginning to dream about this now! LOL This one is entitled Berries and I can see that I haven't signed it, nor any of the others so I must repair that omission. Not that I am necessarily going to use any of these to send. They are still trial pieces. This one is on a silk batik I did and didn't like. I randomly quilted the background and then attached the leaves which are treated Tyvek rubbed with wax crayons and a gold stick. When I had finished it with the two berries I felt it needed something else so added the extra berries.
This next one is one I like very much because the colours are clear and bright but the edging is rubbish! I shall do more along these lines as I like the format. It is called Paper Sun as the sun is cut out of a piece of dyed paper. The waves are done in silver thread but don't show up here. These next two are done with silk paper as a background. The one with a bee is just stitched with gold thread and is very simple. The other one has Angelina shapes cut out and fused and stitched and then eyelash thread couched down in the middle. The Angelina gives this a really ethereal look but its hard to see here. It is a very delicate piece and I do wonder how it will go through the post. This one is one of my favourites as the colours are so lovely and it has a translucent look. The edges are done with gold metallic embroidery thread and although better than some of the other pieces are still not up to my expectations!
All in all it was a most enjoyable morning and my workroom looks as if a bomb has hit it. I vaguely tidied up tonight but as I think I might do some more tomorrow I will leave it as it is. There is a great satisfaction in achieving something AND having fun! It was hard to drag myself away to go to work.


  1. Your postcard experiments look fun!

  2. I like all your experiments, agree about the boarder on paper sun it looks heavy, I am a bit concerned about all your talk on perfecting your boarders because mine aren't perfect so will they be good enough for madam ;o)

    on the postcards I received in the swap I did most postcards were just stitched with one of the over stitches to stop fray and hold together but I did have one bound and the nicest was painted with gold paint but that was also the only one that went in an envelope so there is no stamp and frank,

    what a nice job you have where you can read blogs and then moan they don't met your criteria!!!! ;o)
    I agree with the not updating blogs, that is why I am finding bolglines so helpful I can see when they are updated and not waste time if they are not,

    so pleased postcards have added a bit of 'excitment' to your - every day's the same life!!!! :o)

    there's alot of )))) in this comment,