Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Last Day

This is the last day before we leave for Scotland. We are leaving around 7 in the morning so that we can avoid the traffic hotspots at rush hour time. I am a little concerned as to what Martin is expecting or has in mind as he called me earlier to say he had bought a camping stove and ice packs for the cooler bag and that he was off to find a kettle for said stove. Does he imagine we will be lost in the wilds up North? I had in mind that if we were hungry or thirsty we would stop at an eatery of some description. Part of the holiday is eating tons of junk food! LOL I am not your intrepid explorer type! Though we are going up into the Highlands and I suppose heating water facilities for drinks might be useful as there isn't the same density of people up there and probably not so many coffee/tearoom places. Hard to tell as it is all tourist country and where tourists are there are usually touristy things.

I have been into Falmouth; come home and got my orders processed and they are ready for posting. I've been in the attic and found the cases. Going in the attic is a major job. In my enthusiasm for storing stuff some years ago I rushed out and bought a convertible ladder. However I didn't really think it through and what I'd bought is as heavy as lead and suitable for outside things. I should have bought aluminium! I didn't which means putting this thing up requires great effort and stamina. It also means being very careful when opening up not to hit the light fittings, glass over doors or the bookshelves on the landing. In fact it is a very precise operation. And one has to remember to open the attic while it is in step ladder format and not in long ladder format. By the time I'd done this I was tired! So I climbed up into the attic and then when I was up there realised I had no light! Well I couldn't be asked to go down again and fix it up so I worked by feel. It is a miracle that I didn't fall through the ceiling as the floor boarding up there is very flimsy and there are gaps between the joists. Eventually I was successful and as luck would have it they were on top and I didn't have to move anything. I still remember with horrow waking up one night to an awful thundering noise above us and I was sure the roof had fallen in. I made Martin go and look but what had happened was that earlier in the day I had moved some boxes and not checked that they were stable. So later they all started to move and that was the awful noise. It was lucky that no damage was done. It took a while for my heart to stop pounding. Anyway back to today.

I have cleared the junk, I mean stuff, from my sister! I took a photo of the fabric. There is some nice stuff in there particularly the orange printed silk. Plus a couple of embroidered pieces from Madeira which I might turn into a summer nightgown now that summer is over. So I am on track. Bought a couple of patchwork magazines in town so its time for coffee and a read. Well I won't get much reading done as Mum will be here. I'll take them to work! LOL

AND my avocado stone has started to put out a root. I am so pleased. I was first encouraged to do this by reading Sue's blog What's Up I was very impressed witht the results she got and hope I'll get to having leaves eventually.


  1. Have a nice holiday!

    You should find plenty of eateries in the Highlands, unless you're planning to be up lots of mountains that is! The only thing is (although it is over 10 years since I was there) that you might find it difficult to find places open on Sundays...

  2. Have a fantastic trip...be sure to take lots of pics so we can enjoy with you...and better yet, rest and enjoy.

  3. Oh Valeri had me in stitches ( sorry for the pun lol) Vividly see you in that attic and all the palava :O))) Bet U got bigger muscles now? Shall miss you very much, brighten my days up!
    Have a lovely holiday, plenty of junk food lets hope.... Wonder what Martin is going to get up too? Maybe a barbeque on the mountain tops in the rain rofl :O((((