Sunday, August 07, 2005

Some pictures

I've put up some pictures from the dyeing I did yesterday. These pieces I really liked especially Ashes which I won't be able to part with. I'm doing some more using this method to see if it really works or was just a fluke. Here is a close up. I can see these pieces as backgrounds with work added to them rather than being cut up to make into something. This one in particular would lend itself to free machine quilting perhaps using couched threads and yarns to emphasise the shapes. As if I have time for more projects at the moment! Martin suggested I print them out and use as postcards but without the fabric the essential feel of the piece isn't there. This is why I think that pictures never completely display the inherent character of a piece of textile art. Any way I am quite excited about this as it adds another dimension to my 'quick and easy' dyeing methods. That is if I can repeat it. Off to wash out now.
I would just like to add that the fabrics are actually quite a bit brighter than would appear in the pictures. I have to stand so far back to get the length of the piece in that it is hard to get the detail as well. Not the way I'm taking the photo anyway!


  1. I love the look of these pieces. Can't wait to see what you creative with it.


  2. Ashes is really great! A new secret technique? When are you writing a book so we can make some? I hope some of these cool hand-dyeds make it to my postcard (hint, hint)!

  3. This is amazing! Like branches on the floor of a forest...

  4. Valeri, are you getting my responses to your emails? Every time I write back to you I get a failure to deliver notice.

  5. Val

    Wow wonderful technique cannot wait to find out what it is....
    I have a clue but that is all I have ehhehe
    and yes I am going to be selfish as well and hope you cut up one of the small pieces that you do and it goes to my postcard!!
    sneaky grin