Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Now the day is over!

Done the shopping. Had list a la Lisa with everything in order of aisles and whizzed round and spent a fortune but don't ask me on what! But it was quick! Only forgot to buy cream cakes and that will be good for the figure so isn't important! Anyway I can buy some Danish when I'm in town tomorrow doing the banking. We were later tonight and it wasn't as crowded though I do wonder whether the opening of a new giant Tesco's only ten miles away in Camborne has had any effect on the number of customers. Must have!

Put the groceries away and rushed upstairs to finish the half done postcard. I found this piece of waxed and dyed silk and it was just right for a postcard being complete with name but wasn't deep enough and anyway all over would have been too boring. So I added some purple noile that I dyed. Very simple embellishment and we are home and dry! I shall keep this one myself 'cos after all who wants a postcard with my name on it! I have loads of ideas for more postcards, I just need loads of time.
Going to go and drool over my new book. Its called "Fusing Fun!: Fast Fearless Art Quilts"by Laura Wasilowski. Some good ideas and tips and lots of yummy pictures. I do like well illustrated books. I've always done fused applique because it is quick and much easier than other methods so this is just an extension for me using larger pieces and being the whole thing not a small top layer. And for the first time ever that I can remember it was cheaper to buy this from Amazon UK than to order it in the States. Amazing!

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