Saturday, August 20, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Dear Diary I have been so busy this afternoon and evening that it is quite unbelievable. I have quilted both the stained glass windows cushions tops and now just need to put them together with backings and then I will have two new cushions which don't go with any of the colours in my house! Of course I didn't even think of this when I planned them! Then I quilted a piece of work I did as a class sample to show manipulated Cathedral window. This is where you insert folded fabric into the seams and then fold it back over an inlaid piece. I'm sure that is as clear as mud! This too will make a cushion in the fullness of time. In fact I got onto quite a roll when it came to doing some free machine quilting. I just meandered hither and thither using a variegated YLI thread. My right arm with the tennis elbow problem doesn't help my machining at the moment as I don't have the control in it that I used to and after a while it aches, but on the whole it wasn't bad. The pieces are square although the photos don't show them that way. It was just the funny angle I took them at.

I then watched the film Charade on DVD because I love this film. I joined the Amazon DVD rental club and this means I get a couple of DVD's to watch each week which I find amazingly good value and nice for Fridays and Saturdays when I'm on my own. It does mean that I avoid anything too creepy or scary as otherwise I'd be afraid to go to bed knowing the house was empty. Stupid I know but that's how it is!

And I finished my book! So a very successful time was had by me! Tomorrow I'll do the accounts as I can start early in the morning before Martin is up and I always work better in the mornings anyway for this kind of thing. And I am going to start doing yoga again first thing in the morning. I have missed it! And it shows! In the autumn I might even fit a class in again. It is necessary to make some effort as I need to shape up as there is a large and important function coming up in November for which I need to look my best or at least better than I do now. Can I do it?

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