Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Coffee Break

I should have titled this 'A Day in the Life of'! I'm now stopping for coffee with my Mum. She can give me her opinion on the boiled fruit cake I made yesterday. I thought it was delicious! I like to see her everyday if I can as otherwise there is every chance that she won't see anyone. And at nearly 86 I don't know how long I'll have her to chat to and have coffee with. Plus she's my biggest fan! :-)

So far I've found the Richard Box book and I'll take it to work to look at. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their art work and drawing. Its well written in an easy to read way and lots of good exercises. I'll go into more detail if anyone is interested!

I've cut out the squares for the 9 patch! I'm 3/4 of the way through the Storm at Sea block. And what was the 4th thing? Oh yes....work in the sketch book. Well that one hasn't happened yet but there is still time.

Off to cut the cake!


  1. Valeri, you just whetted my appetite..title of book please? Maybe I can find it here. And yes, savor every moment eith you mum...just lost my beloved mil and stil having a hard time with it.

  2. Val

    That is a yes more info on the book, and I agree with you about spending time with your mom.
    I lost mine when I was 16 and did not even get to know her as a person so do cherish every moment :)

    aka Dangling by a thread