Monday, August 15, 2005

Finding the right path!

While I've been tidying up after the grand feast of yesterday, and wouldn't you know it is bright sunshine today, I've been contemplating and thinking about my artistic/creative endeavours. I'm at a bit of a cross roads in my life and I'm not sure in which way I want to advance. There have been several posts and writings about the size of things lately and that set me to thinking. As always when I want to refer back to something I can't find it. Do I dream these things? Whatever, it got me to wondering about the size of worked pieces. Because I live in a mega tiny house I do tend to work in a small to middling format most of the time, though I do make large bed quilts. I do think that it is easier to work a traditional pieced quilt in a larger format than a large format art quilt which is probably destined for the wall, when there isn't any space to lay anything out. I can never get more than 3 feet away from anything to view it and it is important to me to view things from a distance to get the overall effect so this is another reason for working in a medium kind of way. However I have been promising myself an exhibition for several years now and this is the time to jump in. But I am going to have to work in a larger scale than at present and I can see this posing problems. So what do others feel about the finished size of a piece. Is it necessary to produce ultra large pieces for impact or can there still be that lightning flash with smaller works? I would be interested in any views expressed, especially if anyone else has to work in less than perfect conditions size wise!When I was all cleared up and back to normal (well as normal as I will ever be back to) I hadn't got a lot of time left. So didn't want to start on something and then break the train of thought by having to go to work so I decided to look out one of my sketchbooks for inspiration. Living so close to the sea and some beautiful coastal walks these are my major sources for inspiration. These pictures are drawings, stencillings, stampings etc that I played with in a random way to see what I could do and where it would take me. There are some great ideas here that I might follow through with hand-dyed fabric and then applique work. I shall continue with this line of thought in my sketch book of the moment and see where it leads me now that I have a goal in mind. There is quite a difference between playing with ideas on a 'lets try and see where it takes me' basis, and a lets see how this could be worked into a quilt/hanging/skirt kind of ideas. I always start with the first kind of playing (since I got my degree in textile design many moons ago I've never lost the habit of sketchbooks and note making - its the Art College training) because then I'm not hampered by pre-conceived ideas. So these following pages from a sketchbook are what I'm working with.

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