Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lunch time break

Well I have been very good and done the accounts to date. I still have to go back and sort them to make sure I've left nothing out and then I must start on my husband's accounts. Much bigger job and needs lots of strong coffee and chocolate while doing it! I'm doing a course in Excel from HP and this has been most useful. The link originally came from Liz at Dreaming Spirals. I have to say here a VERY big thank you to Sandy (Dangling by a Thread) for sending me the information re the links. This is the most useful piece of information ever so thanks Sandy! The link for the tutorial lessons (on all sorts of things relating to computers) is Anyway I have found these tutorials to be most useful and have printed several out to use at a future date. The best piece of equipment I ever bought was my binding machine. It means that I can bind pages together thus making small booklets rather than having lots of odd bits of paper floating round never to be found when wanted. I even use it for making small booklets for my students on various things. Most useful! That and the guillotine! And a proper guillotine at that, with a decent sized blade!

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