Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Plan for the day!

OK dear diary this is what I'm going to get done today! Penalty points all round if I don't achieve at least one of these things! Grinning madly 'cos who's going to administer a beating anyway! Moi? No way!

1. Cut out and make 9 patch quilt in lovely Autumn fabrics which I BOUGHT! I don't buy fabrics these days so this is a first!
2. Find Richard Box book 'Drawing for the Terrified' which I know I have somewhere.
3. Make time to do some more work in my sketch book on the Reflections and Water themes.
4. Make up Storm at Sea block. Make this no 1 priority!
5. no way I'll do 5 things! I'm pushing it with 4!

Now go and start! Yes ma'am!

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